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~ An End of Summer Tomato, Basil & Brie Quiche ~

PICT0015Quiche originated in northeastern France, in the region of Alsance-Lorraine.  It consists of a pastry shell filled with a savory custard made of eggs, cream, seasonings and various other ingredients, such as onions, mushrooms, ham, shellfish or herbs.  The most notable of these savory pies is the famous Quiche-Lorraine, which has crisp bacon bits and Gruyere cheese added to the custard filling.  Quiche can be served as a lunch, brunch or dinner entree, as well as a first course or an hors d'oeuvre!

PICT0012This past week, I have been overwhelmed with tomatoes and basil from my husband's garden. Besides making/freezing a batch of ~ My Fresh & Spicy Tomato-Basil Sauce (Marinara) ~ (found in Categories 8, 12, or 22), I made ~ Orecchiette Pasta w/Basil-Tomato-Garlic Sauce ~ (found in Categories 2, 4, 10 or 14).  Just as I was contemplating making pesto, my neighbor Carol dropped by...

PICT0011... Carol is a great cook and mentioned a recipe she had for a "tomato, basil and Brie quiche". What's not to love about that combination!  

She e-mailed the recipe to me Friday morning, I made it yesterday, and, here I am today (Sunday), writing a blog post about it. Truthfully, it never occurred to me to put Brie in a quiche, and I was somewhat skepical about doing so. I knew it would taste good, I just wasn't sure if it would "set up", meaning:  would the finished quiche slice nicely.  From the first beautiful slice to the last delicious bite, Joe, myself, Carol and her husband Dick enjoyed every morsel, so, without further adieu I share this recipe with you:

















1  7 1/2-ounce boxed, refrigerated pie crust, at room temperature, fitted into a 9" quiche dish and decoratively edged

1  pound diced tomatoes, well-drained, about 2 1/2 cups (Note:  I like to use roma tomatoes or cherry tomatoes.)

1/2  cup, lightly-packed, minced, fresh basil leaves

1/2  cup finely-diced yellow or sweet onion

6  ounces Brie, 6 ounces after the rind has been removed

6  ounces grated Gruyere cheese

2  tablespoons Wondra Quick-Mixing Flour for Sauce and Gravy

3  jumbo eggs, at room temperature

1  cup heavy or whipping cream, at room temperature

1  teaspoon cayenne pepper sauce, more or less, to taste

1/2 teaspoon white pepper

additional Wondra flour, for preparing quiche dish

PICT0002~ Step 1.  Prep the pie pastry as directed.  Sprinkle a thin coating of Wondra flour over the bottom.  Set aside.

~ Step 2.  Dice the tomatoes, placing them on a paper towel lined plate as you work.  Set aside, for about 45-60 minutes, to allow the paper towels to absorb excess moisture from them.

PICT0001~ Step 3.  Dice the onion and grate the Gruyere as directed, placing them in a large mixing bowl as you work.  Add the 2 tablespoons of flour.  Using two forks, toss, as you would a salad, until all ingredients are thoroughly incorporated and evenly coated in flour.





~ Step 4.  Remove the rind from the Brie.  Using a half-teaspoon as a measure, add bits of Brie to the Gruyere mixture.  Toss again, until the Brie is evenly incorporated.







PICT0015                                          ~ Step 5. Add the chopped tomatoes and minced basil to the mixture.  Using a large rubber spatula, gently fold them into the cheese mixture, just enough to evenly incorporate them.  Be careful not to mash the tomatoes, just gently fold them in!

PICT0026~ Step 6.  Using the rubber spatula, GENTLY spoon/transfer the tomato/cheese mixture into the prepared pastry shell.  Distribute the mixture evenly, mounding it slightly towards the center, but do not compress the mixture down. You want it to remain light and airy (so the cream mixture can drizzle down through it rather than lay on top of it).



~ Step 7.  In a 1-quart measuring container, whisk together the eggs, cream, cayenne pepper sauce and white pepper.

~ Step 8.  Slowly, in a thin stream, drizzle the cream mixture over and around the top surface of the tomato mixture.  Go very slowly, to allow the liquid all the time it needs to drizzle down into the cracks and crevasses of the light and airy tomato mixture.  After all the cream is added, the dish will be very full.

PICT0042~ Step 9:  The quiche is now ready to bake on the center rack of a preheated oven for 55-60 minutes.

Quiche will be golden brown, puffed throughout and a knife inserted into the center will come out clean.

Remove from oven and cool on rack, about 30-60 minutes, prior to slicing and serving warm or at room temperature.

Just beautiful: 

PICT0003An End of Summer Tomato, Basil & Brie Quiche:  Recipe yields 8 servings.

Special Equipment List:  9"  quiche dish; cutting board; chef's knife; paper towels; cheese grater; two forks; small spoon; large rubber spatula; 1-quart measuring container; whisk; cooling rack

6a0120a8551282970b0147e3c3049a970b-800wiCook's Note:  For another one of my Carol inspired recipes, you can find ~ Homemade Boursin w/Parm 'n Pepper Pita Chips ~ in Categories 1, 2, 11 & 20! 

"We are all in this food world together." ~ Melanie Preschutti

(Recipe, Commentary & Photos courtesy of Melanie's Kitchen/Copyright 2012)


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