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~ It's a Girl! A Pretty in Pink, Greek, Baby Shower!!! ~

PICT0017A few months ago, my best friend Jeanne gleefully told me she was going to be a first time Grandma.  I knew she'd been secretly "keeping her fingers crossed" for this news for quite a while...  ever since her son Tom married her daughter-in-law Lisa four years ago (in May)!

Over the past fifteen years, Jeanne and I have planned and organized all sorts of events together, and, when she and her daughter Katie started to make plans to give Lisa a baby shower, it just made sense for me to offer to let them have it in my home, for two reasons: Jeanne's like family to me, and, Jeanne and I "know the drill" here.  She's been by my side while I've hosted many parties, a wedding, a 50th wedding anniversary (for my parents), more than a few bridal showers, and, one baby shower when I was about to become a grandma too!

PICT0012About two months ago, Katie, Jeanne and I sat down on my deck and came up with a plan.  We knew we were having a baby girl,  Katie had a guest list in hand, a firm date of August 4th, and, invitations ready to send.  We also knew that other baby showers were being planned for Lisa, so, we decided that since the Cocolin clan is Greek, we'd serve Greek food PICT0002and chose pink and lemon yellow as our colors!

First things first, and, that would be deciding what beverages to serve:

~ It's Time for Mel's "Big Pink Drink" ~ (found in Categories 10, 11, 16 or 17), is a signature recipe of mine and we decided to add some raspberries and serve them in a punch bowl, alongside pitchers of lemonade and carafes of white wine, in pretty pink stemware!

028When I asked if there was anything special that Lisa might like to have served on her special day, she had just one request:  crab cakes!

I've never hosted a party or attended a party where, if crab cakes are being served, crab cakes aren't the most popular, and, the first item eaten. My advice:  If you want a party to be a success, serve crab cakes!  PS: You can never make too many crab cakes!  

You can find my recipe for ~ Spicy, Miniature Eastern Shore-Style Crab Cakes ~ in Categories 1, 11 or 14!  You can find my recipes for ~ Two "Cocktail" Sauces:  Classic & Creamy ~, in Categories 8 or 20!

PICT0002I almost never serve crab cakes without serving my recipe for ~ Spinach & Feta Cheese Balls w/Lemon-Mint Mayo ~ to accompany them, so, the decision to make these was instantaneous. This easy-to-make, unpretentious little recipe has been in my recipe file since the 1980's and you can find it in Categories 1, 14 or 20!

Is there anything more Greek than the famous combination of spinach and feta cheese?

PICT0020My answer to that question is lamb, and, the same lemon-mint mayo used as a dip for the spinach balls goes onto my ~ Roasted Lamb Sandwiches ~ !

I served my perfectly cooked (pink), thinly sliced, boneless lamb the classic way:  on soft, whole wheat pita with baby lettuce leaves, shaved red onion, cubed feta and diced tomato!

PICT0015Last but not least, I decided to add my refreshing ~ Shrimp & Pasta Salad w/Lemony Garlic Dressing ~ to this festive buffet luncheon.  That recipe can be found in Categories 2, 10, 14, 15 or 17!

If you want to learn ~ How to:  Make an Incredible Edible Tomato Rose ~ for garnish, click into Categories 15 or 21!

PICT0003It was Katie's idea to serve cupcakes and gorgeous cupcakes we served:  tangy lemon cupcakes and rich chocolate cupcakes with soft buttercream frosting.  Katie knew there would be little time for me to do the baking the day before the party, so, she arranged to have these sweet treats delivered to me the morning of the shower, and, she made the beautiful centerpiece pictured at the the top of this post and all of the party favors too!

PICT0022With twenty-two guests scheduled to arrive at 2:00PM (and mommy-to-be just before the guests), we three had everything in place and couldn't wait for the party to start!

It's a Girl!

A Pretty in Pink,


Baby Shower!!!

Brought to you by Jeanne Cocolin, Katie Cocolin & Melanie Preschutti! 

  023"We are all in this food world together." ~ Melanie Preschutti

(Recipes, Commentary and Photos courtesy of Melanie's Kitchen/Copyright 2012)

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It very nice to see you happy and appreciate you sharing these moments with us. keep posting.

Mike! I'm happy to be a small part of your wonderful day! Keep me posted...


I can't tell you how much your suggestions help. I am so stressed out about this shower. However, your suggestions help alleviate some of this stress because little by little I keep formulating a bigger and better plan. Thank you so much for your time and help!! God bless.

Mike! Congratulations!!! You sound very organized to me -- your wife is a lucky lady! You might want to have flowers delivered to mom during the shower. As the gifts are being opened, you'll need someone to take charge of writing down what guest brought what gift, so, there's no confusion when it comes time to write thank-you notes. Since it is going to be a busy day for you, you also might also want to assign someone the duty of taking pictures!

Some of the more mundane tasks: make sure you have enough of plates, napkins and forks, and, an out-of-the way place to quickly stash trash and stack dirty dishware. And, don't forget to make lots of ice for drinks, or, buy ice and put it in a cooler for drinks!!!

I check my messages daily, so, feel free to run things by me any time you you need an opinion or a suggestion! ~ Melanie

Wow, everything looks incredible! My wife and I are having a boy who is due in about 4 months. I wanted to get a couple friends together for a baby shower, but have NO idea what I am doing. So far I have ordered baby shower invitations, cake, appetizers, and some baby stuff. I am really unsure of what else I need. Do you have any suggestions?

BSI! Thanks for you're kind comment! It was a lovely afternoon and a good time was had by all! Your invitations are adorable!

What cute and wonderful ideas for a baby shower! All of the food looks delicious, and the ideas are all really creative. This gives me some great inspiration for a baby shower I will throw in the future for a friend of mine. Thanks for posting!

You're most welcome GrandMa!!!

Marilyn! You are sweet to post such a nice comment! ~ Mel.

Maria! It was a lot of fun! Having raised three boys, it was fun to do something "pink" for a change!!! ~ Mel.

I can't thank my dearest friend, Mel, enough, for this beautiful shower she hosted for my daughter-in-law Lisa. The food was Amazing! and the "pink drinks" were a definite crowd pleaser! Mel you made a very special day extraordinanry! Love you sister, and thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mel, this is simply lovely! looks like you had a most wonderful time.....and everyone else must have enjoyed all your wonderful buffet as well...
Soooooooooooooooooo much food and all delicious....I wish I could have been there....The young mom to be is very, very beautiful...she is just glowing...
Thank you for sharing this fun event with all of us....

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