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~ Mad Men. Final Season Premier Tonight on AMC. What will Don Draper do and where will he land??? ~

IMG_9640My parents had All in the Family, my children had Seinfeld.  I've claimed Mad Men as my own. For me, aside from the adultery, alcoholism, divorce, debauchery and paranoia, watching this show is like being on the Starship Enterprise and saying, "Scotty, beam me back and pick me up in an hour".  I grew up in suburbia in the 1960's, was an executive secretary in the '70's in a place where three-martini lunches were common and every office had an ice bucket, and then, in the 1980's I was happily married, with children, and, traveling the world too!

IMG_9651I have no idea where Don Draper will land, but, I for one want it to be on successful ground.  We fans of the show are all speculating, and, one thing is for sure, tonight at 10:00PM, when I begin to watch the premier of this final season, it will be bitter-sweet.  I do not want this show to end.  For many of us in our fifties and sixties, it has been a show about how our generation began in a kind and gentle cocoon, the world events and technologies that caused us to lose our innocence while increasing our intelligence, and scarier yet, how we as a whole are turning out!

IMG_9661As a woman watching the show, there is a small piece of Sally, Betty, Joan, Peggy and Meagan in me. Been there, done that.  I get it:

I was raised to be a princess, got married, got divorced, became a working girl, managed an office, married the boss and retired.  I did it all with style and class, or, as Sinatra would say, "I did it my way" and I loved every minute of it!

Over the past couple of years, in honor of this show, I've hosted a few Mad Men premier night parties and posted my retro menus and recipes IMG_9654here on Kitchen Enounters.  This year, there is no party.  Sorry folks, I want Don Draper all to myself tonight.  I did, however, in honor of this show, add a new Category 26 to this blog today.  It's where you can go to learn everything you need to know about throwing an authentic Mad Men party:

What would Don Draper do?  Retro recipes from my past to your present!

IMG_9665"We are all in this food world together." ~ Melanie Preschutti

(Photos and Commentary courtesy of Melanie's Kitchen/Copyright 2013)


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