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~ Hold the Pickles, Hold the Lettuce, Special Orders Don't Upset Us: Try a Fall Turkey Sandwich My Way~

IMG_5464The well-constructed sandwich.  For me it is the perfect food.  It is an art form.  On any given day I can make a sandwich and it will leave me happy, satisfied and not wanting for anything else. As much as I love soups and salads, more often than not, they leave me wishing I had ordered a sandwich to sink my pearly whites into, savoring each layer of flavor and texture to the point of childlike ecstasy.  A sandwich is a symbol of profound greatness and should be savored with gusto.   If there were a way for me to tally how many sandwiches I have eaten in my lifetime,  I am certain sandwiches would be at the very top of my "foods I eat all the time and love" list.

Have you hugged your family sandwich maker today?

IMG_5445Most chefs are great sandwich makers because they have great bread and great ingredients at their disposal all day long -- it's also often the only food they can quickly eat with their hectic schedule. People who are really good home cooks tend to make great sandwiches too -- delicatessen- restaurant-quality sandwiches.  

Depending upon the season, some sandwiches may be hot and some may be cold, some can be picked up and others require a knife and fork, but, on any given day chefs and cooks always have high-quality bread and an array of ingredients on-hand that allow them to almost effortlessly turn leftovers from weekday meals into gourmet fare.    

In my opinion, next to a saucier (a person who devotes his/her life to the art of sauce making), a creative sandwich maker is the most valuable member of the home or restaurant kitchen.

We are having a Hallmark card weekend here in Happy Valley.  When I was growing up, they called it "Indian Summer":  Summer's last gasp.  The sun is shining and the temperatures have become so warm we can sit out on our patio, enjoy the picturesque Fall scenery, and, eat a light lunch:  sandwiches -- made with some wonderful ingredients I have leftover from the week!

IMG_5516A sandwich is often an in-depth look at a cook's week in review!

IMG_4844To prove my point, on this glorius Fall afternoon,  I had a few slices of ~ English Muffin Bread: For the Divine Love of Toast ~ leftover. You can find the recipe in Categories 5, 9 or 20.  It's really easy to make and it has almost a sourdough texture to it, so it holds up in a sandwich really well. Toasting this bread is a must, so, be sure to do that just before assembling the sandwich.

IMG_5052October is National Apple Month and here in Central Pennsylvania apples are at their peak.  Besides posting a number of apple desserts this week, I made some ~ Simply Silky & Smooth Spiced Apple & Pear Puree (Taking grandmother's applesuce to another level.) ~.  It is a great alternative to mayonnaise or mustard on a turkey sandwich, especially one that has apple slices on it.  You can find the recipe in Categories 4, 18 or 20.

IMG_5376 IMG_5381 IMG_5384As for the rest of my ingredients, the cheddar cheese (3 slices cut into quarters so I could arrange them to fit properly), crisp bacon (3 slices), roasted turkey breast (roasted chicken breast is a fine substitute), McIntosh apples and red IMG_5392 IMG_5396 IMG_5404onions were  ingredients I had either leftover from my kitchen encounters this week or on-hand.  Aside from the toasted bread, everything on this sammie is at room temperature:

Because that is the way I like it.  Joe likes his wrapped in some foil and placed in a 350 degree oven for about 5-6 minutes, just enough to melt the cheese.  And, yes, if you happen to have a panini press  in your kitchen, these come out great made that way too -- gobble gobble!

There are classic sandwich combinations that I for wouldn't change the recipe for even if someone paid me to do it.  But, the ordinary, everyday sandwich does not have to follow anyones rules -- it should be made-to-order, to please the person who will be eating it.  It doesn't have to have anything on it except what they want on it, and, whatever the main or favorite ingredient is:  it should be piled high with it.  Eating a sandwich is a very private experience, so, even if you don't approve of mine:  stay out of it -- look the other way -- leave the room.

Great bread + great ingredients = a perfect sandwich... 

IMG_5419... and that's no bologna!

IMG_5491Hold the Pickles, Hold the Lettuce, Special Orders Don't Upset Us:  Try a Fall Turkey Sandwich My Way:  Recipe yields instructions to make one of my favorite turkey sandwich combinations.

Special Equipment List:  cutting board; chef's knife; toaster

IMG_4589Cook's Note:  The majority of my apples went into my pie post, and "oh my pie", what a pie it is.  You can find my recipe for  ~ Pennsylvania Dutch Apple Walnut-Streusel Pie ~ in Categories 6, 18, & 19!

"We are all in this food world together."  ~ Melanie Preschutti

(Recipe, Commentary and Photos courtesy of Melanie's Kitchen/Copyright 2014)


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